Home Inspection

We focus on providing an extremely detailed home inspection, giving our clients an inspection that adheres to the Virginia and ASHI standards.  Our reports are completed in a narrative format with numerous digital photos all delivered within 24 hours of inspection completion.  We strive to not only identify issues and deficiencies, but to educate our clients in their potential purchase so they have the knowledge to plan and protect what is likely their greatest investment.

Commercial Inspection

For the past 15 years we have been providing commercial building inspections to clients throughout the Tidewater area. Each inspection provides a detailed report of all components and systems within these buildings, all findings are in a narrative format with digital photos. We have the resources to bring in professionals to assure the inspection is comprehensive to any complex system the building may contain.

Mold Inspection

Our mold inspection services can provide a details inspection focusing on locating excess areas of mold/ organic growth and the conditions that are causing the growth.  Our visual inspections are combined with air quality testing that allows our clients to get a very intimate view of what is contained in the air of the home. ( as it relates to mold).  We use a professional lab to provide a very easy to read, comprehensive report.

Consulting Services

You have a question regarding your home or building?? We are here to answer or provide help where needed. During our 15 years of business we have come across many situations that has added to our expertise.